FINALLY. I got an iPad2 #apple #ipad2


5.30am is a very early part of the day. I don’t recall how many times I have seen this hour of the day. But today was the day. I got word from an Apple store employee that a big shipment was coming in on Tuesday morning. So I made it my mission to get myself one of those iPads. So, at 5.30 in the morning, I made my way up to the San Francisco Apple store. I was very suprised to see a line, of what I can only guess, looked at least like 150 people deep. I dropped my head in disappointment, joined the end of the line and just hoped. There is no way i could of got here any earlier, my body just wont allow it.

As I stood there in line, not moving, just watching the city come to life. The sun rose, people started to make their way to work. Apple store employees started to make their appearances, but with no news as to the amount they received. The apple store employees walked up and down the line, of what was probably 600 hopefuls by now, stopping occasionally to chat to people in the line, offering what feels like hope, but delivering nothing.

9am comes around, and I am still standing on the same piece of pavement that I was at 5.30am. In desperate need of coffee, my mind wanders off. Staring down at the ground, I am starting to see shapes come to life. The same bit of concrete beneath my feet begins to take on a look of Michael Jackson. No wait, Is that Diana Ross? I am sure though, if I ask the people around me, they will just see piece of dirty pavement. They have their coffee.

An Apple store employee is walking up and down the line, telling people they are sold out of a certain model. We all listen carefully. It can’t possibly be the model I am after can it? I am still standing on the same piece of pavement as I was 4 hours ago. I start looking at people around me, sizing them up, and wondering what I could do to take them down and make off with their iPad. A sigh of relief comes over me, when he tells us its the AT&T 3G model that is sold out – not the one I want….. phew.

I have been here too long.

Finally, 10.30am comes around. 5 hours in a cold (i think freezing is probably more accurate) line. I am at the front of the pack. I look back with such joy, just seeing another 500 people lined up like little lemmings, trailing up the street, fading off into the morning fog, all hoping their model is still available. and me, at the front, next in line. I was happy.